Monday, August 24, 2009

Superior Toothpick Co.

Hardware Graphic Design + Illustration has diversified! Proving once again that an old dog can learn new tricks, we now offer Web site design as part of our ever-expanding design services.

In considering our goals and methods in Web development, we’re taking a simple approach. We believe in accessible, uncomplicated and sophisticated design that delivers a clean, clear, effective message. So today we proudly introduce Hardware’s little Web site division, The World-Renowned Superior Toothpick Company. We invite you to visit to see examples of our work. Or simply click on the image below to go directly to the Superior site. We'd love to hear from you, so call Rob Barge at 770-755-8121.


Consider the humble double-pointed wooden toothpick.

Made of a single part and of a single material, designed for a specific function. Elegant in its simplicity and unparalleled in its functionality; an unadorned and purely practical implement. Individually crafted of the highest-quality debarked Maine white birch, Superior Toothpicks are recognized as the world’s finest denticulation device. Simply put, they get the job done!

Superior Toothpick Co. also applies our patented “Extra Smooth, Extra Pointy” manufacturing process to the creation of precise and effective Web sites. Clean and attractive, free of splinters and burrs. When you need a Web site, just like our world-renowned toothpicks, nothing less than a Superior site will do!