Monday, November 3, 2008

Freedom is not free

My fellow Americans, tomorrow we will awaken to a rare opportunity. We are presented with the chance to participate in a process where, after months - in fact, years - of vigorous debate, analysis, disagreement, posturing, mudslinging, muckraking, hyperbole, innuendo, name calling, finger-pointing and backbiting, the ultimate decision comes down to us. By now, we should be well-informed and educated on the issues. We should be prepared to cast a vote for the candidate(s) whom we believe in our hearts are best equipped to lead in public office. Our country is in a mess. But, after the dust has settled and the storm has passed, we will still be blessed to live in the greatest nation on earth. A land of plenty where we enjoy rights, privileges and liberties of which others around the world can only dream.

We will cast a private ballot and in that instant become participants, investors and partners in a sometimes flawed, but always unique system of government. A system that, from its inception, has been for the people and by the people. The votes we cast will not change anything overnight. The challenges we face as a nation will be overcome only by change within ourselves. This election, then, is not about one man against another. It is about you and me. It is about us.

Before you exercise the uncommon honor of going to the polls tomorrow, look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Am I the good citizen I should be? Am I truly aware and appreciative of the great benefit of being an American? Am I willing to make the sacrifices that will be necessary to change what is wrong in my country? Am I proud enough to celebrate all that is right?"

Democracy is hard work. The price paid for our freedom has been high and it is not getting any cheaper. But we are not in this thing alone. Each of us makes a difference by doing our part. Make your voice heard by voting. And may God bless the United States of America.

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